Mileage Club End of 2018 Update

Mileage Club End of 2018 Update

We recorded 37,505 miles on Strava in 2018. This equates to more than 1 1/2 times around the earth. Congratulations to everyone that hit their goal and good luck in 2019. If your name is listed below, please send me a Message on Facebook or email me at with your shirt size.

We had 15 runners eclipse the 1,000 mile mark in 2018. Grady Wells led the way with 1,995. Also going over 1,000 for the year were Brian Elrod (1,400.2), Melody Keasling (1,334), Matthew Neuharth (1,332.6), Daniel Islee (1,331.5), George Hambrick (1,320.5), Douglas Yurkik (1,297), Robert Carroll (1,292.8), Debbie Piotrowski (1,203.4), Bryce Hamilton (1,079.5), Lana Sain (1,079.2), RaDonna Thurman ((1,057.5), Brad Hayes (1,007.4), Elizabeth Wilson (1,005.9) and Shanda Peterson (1,000.6).

We had another 20 runners go over a mile a day average with 365 or more miles recorded. These include Mickey Ralph, Darrell Black, JD Tolliver, Nathan Wanuch, Keena Turner, Terry Hall, Sam Wheeler, Lisa Isley, Brian Turner, Sandy Brewer, Janet Cunningham, Tiffany Clutter, Catherine Bryan, Joe McKamey, Lorraine Carter, Kim Farless, Nicole Ryan, Justin Thurman, Scott Byrom.

I am considering some changes for next year. I may try to record monthly totals on the spreadsheet instead of just the annual total. Also, I am thinking about requiring that a person volunteers for the club in some way to receive the shirt next year (this could be hosting a group run, working at Oak Barrel or the Mach Tenn Triathlon or Tims Ford Deer Park Run or even directing a local 5K) I would love to hear any thoughts that you guys have. We will need to leave this on Strava for the ease of pulling the mileage each month.

As a reminder, you do need to be affiliated with the club to get your shirt as a reward at the end of the year. To see your results, click here.