Mileage Clubs

Mileage Club Shirt Mockups

What is it? A program in our club built to recognize those members who achieve mileage milestones of 365 miles or 1,000 miles and youth runners who achieve the milestones of 50 or 100 miles.

Who can participate? Anyone affiliated with the Mach Tenn Running Club (PS it is free) that joins the club’s Strava group and records their miles on the site or app at and volunteers for the club in 2019 in some way (this can include working at races like the Oak Barrel Half Marathon or hosting one of our group runs). You also need to fill out the Mileage Club Registration form for 2019 at or parents of youth runners should fill out the form at Strava will allow you to record miles by using their app while you run, importing from many GPS watches and entering manually. Mach Tenn membership is for runners and walkers in Southern Middle Tennessee.

What miles count? Walking, Running, and Treadmill.  Basically any miles achieved during a session with running/walking being the main purpose will be counted toward the mileage program totals.  Running/walking as a byproduct of another activity such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, shopping, working in your office, or use of  Fitbit do not count.

What programs are there? There is the 365 Club, this is for anyone who averages 1 mile a day for the year. You do not have to run every day, you just need to log 365 miles for 2019. There is also the 1,000 mile club. This is for anyone who logs 1,000 miles for the year. New for 2019 is the Kids 50 Mile Club, for ages 12 and under and the Youth 100 Mile Club, for those 13-18 years-old.

What do you get? The 365 Club members, Kids 50 Mile Club members and Youth 100 Mile Club members will get a short sleeve tech shirt with the Mach Tenn logo and designation with their achievement as a 2019 Mileage Club Member. The 1,000 Club Members will get a long sleeve tech shirt with the club logo and designation as a 2019 1,000 Mile Club Member. Runners are only eligible to receive one shirt per year. You can join at any time of the year. We will post a spreadsheet showing everyone’s progress each month of 2019.

2019 Mileage Club Results – August Update

The spreadsheet below has the results of everyone’s mileage from January 1 – December 11, 2019. Your annual pace is calculated.

We have 9 runners pacing to break over 1,000 and get that long sleeve tech shirt. We have another 14 pacing for 365 miles to get that short sleeve tech shirt. We also have 5 youth runners pacing for over 100 miles.

We have run 25,209 miles as a group. This is a few miles more than the circumferance of the Earth. So, we’ve basically run around the world.

Make sure to finish strong.