April 2018 Mileage Clubs Update

April 2018 Mileage Clubs Update

We’ve had 85 runners log miles in for the year with a total of 15,387 miles. This puts us on a pace to run 46,804 miles for the year. Mickey Ralph leads the way with 692.7 miles. He is pacing for 2,107 miles for the year. Lisa Warren Singer is our top woman with 506.4 miles. She is pacing for 1,540.

To view the full spreadsheet of results, go to http://www.machtenn.org/mileage-clubs/

We have 18 runners currently pacing for 1,000 miles with 6 more within 10% of that mark. Another 20 runners are pacing for 365.

Remember, you can join at any time. Keep logging those miles and have fun out there!

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