First Half of 2018 Mileage Clubs Update

First Half of 2018 Mileage Clubs Update

For the first half of the year, we have recorded a total of 21,799 miles. That puts us on pace for 44,204 miles for the year.
We have 16 runners who are pacing for for 1,000 miles. These are Monica Moore, Grady Wells, Daniel Islee, Mickey Ralph, Darrell Black, Elizabeth Wilson, Melody Keasling, Brian Elrond, Douglas Yurcik, Matthew Neuharth, RaDonna Thurman, Brad Hayes, George Hambrick, Debbie Piotrowski, Shanda Peterson and Lana Sain.

We have 26 pacing for 365 for the year. These are Terry Hall, Bryce Hamilton, Keena Turner, John Toliver, Lisa Isley, Brian Turner, Sam Wheeler, Nathan Wanuch, Joe McKamey, Tiffany C?, Sandy Brewer, Catherine Bryan, Lorraine Carter, Sherry Stovall, Janet Cunningham, Missi Pierce, Scott Byrom, Doug Koonce, Leah Prince, Breezy Grindberg, Kim Farless, Cindy Thomas, Justin Thurman, Jody Ferrell, Leslie Warren and Kellie Vandermeer.

As a reminder, you do need to be affiliated with the club to get your shirt as a reward at the end of the year.

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